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The members of SCBC covenant to live together as the church of Jesus Christ. Our commitment to this document follows the practice of believers throughout the centuries who have pledged to God, and one another, to live out the gospel in community. By emphasizing the covenantal nature of our life together, we strive to protect ourselves from individual and corporate sin and to spur one another on to live in light of a greater covenant–one initiated by love, sealed by sacrifice, and kept for eternity by our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Believing our chief purpose is to glorify God and to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ, we covenant to worship the Lord together in the power of His Spirit and the light of His truth.

Believing the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, we covenant to diligently study God’s Word and submit our lives to its authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

Believing that righteousness and eternal life are the free gift of God through personal faith in Jesus Christ, we covenant to bear witness to this gospel message and then, as commissioned by Christ, to baptize and disciple those who believe.

Believing that salvation, the new birth, begins spiritual life, we covenant to seek spiritual growth and maturity by “putting on” the likeness of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit, our inner man being progressively transformed by the aid and power of the Holy Spirit.

Believing a Christian’s life should be a testimony to Christ’s love and righteousness, we covenant to be merciful to those in need, to be honest in our dealings, to be faithful in our responsibilities, and to avoid those practices that would hinder the effectiveness of our witness and bring reproach upon our Lord and this fellowship.

Believing that all we have belongs to God, we covenant to cheerfully contribute to this church, as faithful stewards, our time, talent, and money in the measure that God prospers each of us so that the responsibility of the work of this fellowship can be faithfully and effectively carried out.

Believing Christ has called us to love one another even as Christ has shown His love to us, we covenant to give and receive admonition with humility and grace, to remember each other in prayer, to aid each other in sickness and hardship, to edify in speech, to slowly take offense, and to swiftly seek reconciliation and extend forgiveness.

Believing that biblical marriage and the Christian home were divinely ordained by God, we covenant to place our families under the authority and guidance of Scripture, seeking to instruct and exemplify biblical truth and principles. As a fellowship of believers, we further commit ourselves to a ministry of strengthening the family.

Believing Christ has commissioned His Church to make disciples of all nations, we covenant to make the cause of missions at home and abroad a priority concern.

Believing in the divine conception and preservation of His Church, we covenant to regularly participate in worship, to support the church’s discipline, doctrine, and God-ordained leadership, and to give His church a sacred pre-eminence over all institutions of human origin.